Get Ready to Light Up Your Saturday Nights! 🌟

Saturday nights at Bar Twenty One, the ultimate destination for everyone looking to make the most out of their weekends! Whether you’re a die-hard Ipswich Town fan warming up before the game, a foodie craving some Urban Grill Street magic, or just in it to dance the night away, we’ve got your Saturday plans sorted! 🎉

Unmissable Beats with Djs Garfie and Neilos 🎶

Gather your squad and step into a world where the biggest Kisstory anthems come to life. Djs Garfie and Neilos are on deck, spinning the tracks that define your nights and create memories that last forever. Free entry all night means there’s no reason not to join us and feel the beat!

Pre-Match Vibes 🍻

Are you counting down to the next Ipswich Town home game? Kick-off your match day with us! Our pre-match drinks special is the perfect play to amp up your game spirit. We’re talking chilled vibes, great drinks, and a community of fans ready to cheer on our team. Don’t forget, the best matches start with the best pre-games!

Savour the Flavours 🍔

Who says the party doesn’t start until later? With Urban Grill Street available until 9pm, treat yourself to the ultimate street food experience. Bite into a world of flavour, and fuel up because, with food this good, you’ll need the energy to keep dancing all night!

Why Choose Saturday nights at Bar Twenty One?

  • Free Entry All Night: Yes, you read that right! Experience the best of Saturday nights without the entry fee.
  • Epic Soundtracks to Your Night: Djs Garfie and Neilos know how to throw a party. Get ready for anthems that have you shouting “this is my song!”
  • A Feast for Your Taste Buds: With Urban Grill Street on the scene until 9pm, we promise you won’t be partying on an empty stomach.
  • The Perfect Warm-Up: There’s no better place for Ipswich Town fans to gather before home games. Consider it your pre-match ritual!

Come for the Night, Stay for the Vibes 💃

Saturday nights at Bar Twenty One, we’re more than just a night out; we’re a community. We’re local nightlife enthusiasts, sports fans, and young professionals who believe the best stories start with good music, great food, and even better company.

Don’t miss out on the legendary Saturday nights that have everyone talking. Join us and be part of the story. #SaturdayNightsMagic ✨

Get in touch to find out more or simply turn up ready to make unforgettable memories. We can’t wait to welcome you to the family!